CWA Local 2055 Elections: Officer Duties

CWA Local 2055 will be conducting elections for the offices of President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer as the local transitions to becoming an independent body.  Below you can find descriptions of the duties of each office that will be up for election.  


The Local President shall:

a) be responsible for the conduct of all Local business;

b) preside at Local membership and Local Executive Board meetings;

c) prosecute grievancaes and appeal them to higher levels of the Union when satisfactorily settled; 

d) supervise all Local committees and serve as ex-officio member of all Local committees;

e) perform whatever additional duties as may be assigned by the Local or required by the policies of Constitution of the Union;

f) approve the payment of all bills by the Local and be one of two signatroies on all Local checks.

Vice President

a) work under the direction of the Local President; and 

b) perform whatever duties may be assigned by the Local, the Executive Board, or the Local President.


a) oversee the maintenance of a record of the Local membership;

b) record and maintain the minutes of all meeting of the Local and the Local Executive Board;

c) furnish the District Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Union with copies of any changes in these by-laws within ten (10) days after such changes are made;

d) oversee the custody of all assets of the Local;

e) report to each membership meeting on the financial status of the Local;

f) cause to be bonded, any person who handles Local funds or other property in accordance with the Union Constitution or any State or Federal law;

g) cause the payment of all bills approved by the Local President and be one of the two signatories on all Local checks;

h) perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Local, the Local Executive, or the Local President.