Money & Credit

Credit Cards

Several credit card choices designed for union members, whether you want rewards, a low intro APR for purchases or an introductory rate for balance transfers, there is an option for you.  All credit cards include these features:

  • Competitive rates
  • Hardship Assistance Grants in times of need for eligible cardholders.
  • US-based customer service

If you are carrying a credit card, consider carrying the only union-endorsed, worker-friendly credit card.  Learn more and select the card that’s right for you, visit or call 800-522-4000.

Union Plus Credit Counseling

Problems with creditors or making ends meet? Get a free budget analysis and money management advice from an accredited, non-profit counseling program.  Call 1-877-833-1745 or click here.

Union Plus Money Transfer

The Union Plus Vianex Money Transfer program provides union members a convenient, safe and reliable way to send money domestically and abroad.  Union families receive a 10% discount on the fee every time they send money online through Vianex.  To learn more, click here.

Union Plus Personal Loan

Take control of your financial future by consolidation your higher-interest credit card and resolving debt.  Apply for a loan amount up to $30,000.  Save money with no annual fees, pre-payment, or origination fees.  Call 855-578-8704 for your free, no-obligation consultation or click here.