West Virginia Correctional Agency Longevity Pay Plan Proposal

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West Virginia Correctional Agency Longevity Pay Plan Proposal

Jim Rubenstein, Deputy Secretary of Military Affairs and Public Safety/Commissioner of Corrections Joe Delong, Executive Director of the Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority Stephanie Bond, Director of the Division of Juvenile Services

The West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety (DMAPS) on behalf of the WV Division of Corrections (DOC), the WV Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority (RJA), and the Division of Juvenile Services (DJS), respectfully proposes the following plan be adopted to address the persistent recruitment and retention difficulties experienced by correctional agencies in West Virginia.

Longevity Pay
DMAPS proposes an incremental step plan be adopted whereby correctional employees would receive pay increases based on years of service, in the following manner:

Years of Service % Increase
2nd 5.00%
3rd 2.50%
4th 2.50%
5th 2.50%
8th 5.00%
11th 3.00%
14th 3.00%
17th 3.00%
20th 3.00%
23rd 3.00%
26th 3.00%
29th 3.00%

Increases in this manner would allow WV correctional agencies to be competitive in recruiting when compared to competing organizations and increase our ability to retain staff in the long term. We propose that these increases be applicable to all employees of DOC, RJA, and DJS. Further we propose the following reorganized rank structure for Correctional Officers:


The Ranks of Correctional Officer Trainee through Corrections Corporal would be automatic rank and salary increases based on years of service provided the employee has clear conduct during that year, and would not be supervisory positions. The ranks of Correctional Sergeant through Correctional Major would be competitive based and have supervisory duties. The supervisory ranks would receive a 10% increase over their current base pay at the correct compensation for their years of service upon promotion.